Sunday, December 13, 2009

10 on 10 :: December :: Christmas

I know I'm way late on this...but we've been "Wesley free" since Friday morning and I promptly cleaned the house for nearly 4 hours, ate amazing food with my hubby, put some finishing touches on our bathroom that we've been meaning to do for months, sewed my little hands off, and spent some quality time, just Jeff and I, missing our little man terribly. Good news, we leave in 45 minutes to pick him up and then head straight to a family Christmas party. Whoohoo!

So, I did take these photos on the 10th, I'm just late on getting them posted.


La Dolce Vita said...

We were late too with this 10 on 10! ;)

Merry Christmas to all the family! :)

Rebekah said...

hope you had a great time this weekend! I love your shots this month and that outfit at the end is adorable, looking forward to seeing you in a bit!

Brianne said...

great photos Jenny!

Prince said...

I miss Wesley. I miss Jeff. I miss your family. I miss your house. I miss me when I'm in your house. I miss your guest bed. I miss dutch babies and stroganoff. I miss being near you around the holidays.


great job with all that productivity...can't wait to catch up.

Shauna said...

I love that dress - I tried it on, but I think I tried on a size that was like 3 sizes too small so I gave up!!!

Jenny said...

thanks for the outfit love...good ol' target!

and i had to go way bigger than i usually like to ;)


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