Thursday, January 28, 2010

Celebrity Look-A-Like

In the land of internet social-networking...blogs and facebook...i have stuggled. Do I really need 2 outlets for connecting with people? But I guess they each serve a purpose and I'm not ready to give up any just yet.

In facebook-land, it's apparently doppelgänger week and I had to choose a famous person that I've been told I look like to use as my profile. I chose Nana Mouskouri, who I was told I look like all the time when I was in Europe...but it got me thinking about what else I've heard in my life...Sandra Bullock once (I think it's the square jaw) and Winona Ryder too (during her pale beetle juice days, I was in 8th grade). But I think the below 3 are the ones I've gotten most often...and I can see a resemblance but I'm nobody's dead ringer.

And you?


La Dolce Vita said...

Once they told me (Mario) that I look like the Prince of Italy Filiberto di Savoia (YES! In Italy we do have a prince, born exiled in Geneve because after WW2 the whole royal family was forced to move to Swiss and just recently admitted to come back to Italy).

alisha said...

I've already voted for Tina Fey for you on facebook, but I'll do it on this medium too. A young Cher never ceases to amaze with her resemblance to you either!

Pat said...

Julia for me! Yes, I have internet here in sunny Hollywood Beach, Florida for another hour... 4 more hours before boarding the Island Princess in Ft. Lauderdale. I just showed Colleen Wesley's walking video - so cute!

Matt and Joey said...

You are a Tina Fey dead ringer, all the way, in my opinion. But it's the mannerisms that really cinch it.

For me, I've heard Katie Holmes (especially when I copied her haircut), Drew Barrymore when I was younger and blond, and Topanga from Boy Meets World, among others. :)


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