Thursday, January 07, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

Who says 20-10 (as in twenty-ten)? They asked that question at my MOPS group this week and it struck me as odd because it never dawned on my to say it that I don't...and I won't (I don't think).

It's crazy to me that it's twenty-ten (ahh, i just did it)...I always would talk about this year like it was so far off. "on 10/10/10 I'll be thirty" as if that day wouldn't really come cause it was sooo far from now. Well, the year has arrived, I just hope I'm ready for it!

Jeff, Wes and I spent a quiet night at home on New Year's Eve...nothing special. I was kind of shocked that I made it until midnight, but made it we did and we took full advantage of our "view" (picture tip-toes at the top of our stairs) and snagged some video of the Space Needle as it rang in the new year. And then we promptly went to bed.

Please enjoy the show...the music was performed by my dear hubby! (it's a rough recording that he made while generating ideas/material for the next Republic album)

Oh yeah, and those resolutions...well, I didn't think too hard about them and I didn't take Alisha's advice. Jeff and I whipped these up in moments but have found them to be going well so far! Here they are in no particular order:

1. Cuddle more (Wes is starting to get more cuddly!)
2. More video (We watched some video of the Gough boys when they were young and realized how fun that is and how capable we are of recording some of our own memories)
3. Get organized (filing and basement)

Some other unofficial goals include exploring Discovery Park (i'm hoping to get outside more this year and I think I need to just pick one place to really attempt to know and not over commit) and enjoying our home. We truly are blessed to have a roof over our head, warm beds, room for Wes to have toys, etc....I just often find myself wanting more, thinking this is not our "forever home." And I hate feeling like I'm waiting for something I'm trying to enjoy it NOW and improve it NOW too, if it will make it more organized basement, fenced in yard, square foot garden...but I'm starting small and the basement is inline with our that's where I'm at!

How's two-thousand ten going for you?


Rebekah said...

so funny I totally always say 20 10..:) nice resolutions, especially cuddle more that is sweet..and wowza I didn't know you guys had a view of the space needle. Looking forward to what this year has in store for you! xo

Mandy said...

Good resolutions, Jenny! I've been thinking about the video one too- I keep telling Matt when leta's a teenager & acting like she hates us, how nice will it be to look back at how adorable & loving she was once :)
And that's funny that you feel that way about your home- I LOVE your house! If it's not going to be your forever home, can it be mine? :)

Jocy May said...

Joey and I really enjoyed Discovery Park (went quite often)- good choice and very manageable :)
I've been saying "20-10" too Rebekah- seemed the easiest to rattle off.
Miss you already Jenny- come visit soon!

Rachel Womelsduff Gough said...

Getting organized is definitely on our list. A man can accumulate a lot of stuff in six years, so we're committed to paring down and living more simply (especially since we're bringing a baby home, and that is anything BUT simple). It's actually quite freeing to take a big trunk full of stuff to Goodwill. You never have to think about it again!

Casey said...

Happy New Year Goughs! I have to say when we lived in Pioneer Square, it was one of the best New Years we had, seeing those Space Needle fireworks :)

Brianne said...

I too say twenty ten...

Great goals Jenny! I love the idea of finding a way to make your home feel more like home, I am trying to accomplish that same thing this year :0)

We need to get the boys together soon- we didn't sign up for Gymboree. The classes are all during his nap times and I am not willing to blow those off. Maybe we can scope out Discovery Park on a dry day ;0)

Pat said...

20 10 it is... we said 19 80, 19 90, etc.. whoever said one thousand nine hundred eighty when you were born?

Kristen said...

great resolutions, jenny! can we go with you guys when you go to discovery park? xoxo

La Dolce Vita said...

In Italian we say "DUEMILAEDIECI" which would be translated into "Two-thousand and ten" I go for this way of saying it. But 20-10 is for sure more immediate and simple. It wouldn't have any sense in Italian though! :)

Great New Year's resolutions, Goughs! We have more or less the same resolutions for 2010 and Ely added also another one that is "be more efficient", i.e. (for me) "don't be lazy"! hehehe Unfortunately I like to be lazy sometimes, so I will give up with this last resolution and I leave all the efficiency thing to Ely! hehehe :)

I hope this new year would bring happiness, joy, satisfactions, gratifications and all what's good can be. For us, for you, for everyone! :)

We spent New Year's Eve in Brescia with some friends. We had a great time and went to bed around 4am. Fortunately we could sleep there at my bestfriend's place, so we could come back home in the afternoon on Jan,1st.

Happy 2010!

Prince said...

I started tearing up as I listened to Jeff's song and watched the space needle...I think all the great memories of living with you guys just came flooding back. I know...I'm such a baby. But Jeff's music was very touching.

Pat, you make a whole lot of sense...I think that's the accounting side of you. I'm like Jenny though, I saw two thousand ten...but maybe that's just because I always want to be more like Jenny :)

One more thing, Rachel I wanted to add an amen to your description of taking things to goodwill...feels soooo good...and it reminds me to be wiser with future purchases.


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