Wednesday, January 20, 2010

MLK Day at G&Gs House

Sunday afternoon while Wes was napping I said to Jeff, "we should do something special for Wes when he wakes up!" We had had a productive time in the basement (organizing, one of our resolutions) and the weekend had started to feel like it was all about us and that Wes was just along for the ride. So, Jeff had the fun idea of going to his parents house to spend the night. That was just the thing!

We love spending time with them, in their welcoming home. It was just what the doctor ordered for the whole family, I think.

And it was Wes' first time trying out his Christmas present to Grandma. Special plates of all the kids.

It was a great weekend, and I must admit that I'm still in "weekend" mode...I can't seem to get going, it's already 2:00 and we haven't left the house!

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