Wednesday, January 13, 2010

On This Day Last Year :: 1/13

This year I thought it might be fun to post photos from the same day last year...every once in awhile. So, I'll start tonight!

Last year, on this very day, we set up Wes' crib. Jane was here (I miss Jane) and we nearly broke the thing trying to get it together...which was a huge bummer because it took forever to get the dang thing delivered. Apart from Wesley gnawing through the paint on the railing, this has been a great crib. I think Wes likes having his own place to rest...he's not good at falling asleep anywhere but his crib or pac-n-play. Look at how little this boy is! And now the mattress is all the way at the bottom, what a difference a year makes.

Hope everyone is having a good week. Thank you Bri for seeing my post and helping us get out of the house today. We loved hanging out with you and Will...he's so adorable.


Kristen said...

i love this idea, jenny! i'm looking forward to the photos and stories you will share from wes' first year. that said, i can't believe you haven't shared these photos before--they're great! just look at that adorable little guy in his own bed!

alisha said...

It's crazy to think about where we were last year at this time. It's even stranger to think that ten years ago we were just finished with our first semester in Italy. I'm excited to see where I am next year at this time!

Brianne said...

What a sweetie...hard to believe he was ever that small, yesterday he was a little machine!!
We enjoyed seeing you two as well Jenny! You guys are the bestest!


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