Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Day...

...started with both Jeff and I waking up in the 6:00 hour to use the WC (too much tea the night before).

...continued with some deep sleep that was interrupted at 8:45 am when Wes finally decided to wake up (bless that darling boy).

...began with a hot cinnamon roll and a mad dash out the door to head for Renton.

...really became special when I held these two sweet baby girls, interacted with one smart 4 year old, and visited with their wonderful mother.

...took a turn for the worst when I rear-ended a high-schooler on my way to pick up Wesley.

...redeemed itself with wonderful encouraging conversation with my MIL and a lovely meal to boot- thanks Paula!

...ended with this blog post (I'm exhausted and heading to bed).

I told Sammi today how in awe I am that her body made 2 complete humans at once...what a miracle and a treasure these two girls are and I've been loving seeing them grow (what a handful too). You're doing such a great job Sammi, I love you.


Angela said...

beautiful babies!! Sorry to hear about your rear-ending Jenny, but glad Paula helped smooth it over and she is just the person to do so =)
Yes we moved, loving our new space. It was a big mess to do so but now we are all settled.
Wes sure is getting big and looks like he has a great little personality!!

Brianne said...

What a great post Jenny! You are doing a wonderful thing for the Kaseburg's and I am sure Sammi appreciates every moment you are there to help, I'm just sad I havent been able to make it over to join in. Those bibs are adorable and that snapshot you took of Thad is priceless- sorry to hear about you bumping into someone with your car, glad no one was hurt.

Rachel Womelsduff Gough said...

I didn't recognize the girls and thought those photos were from some ad or something. They are lovely. I hope you're doing ok from the traffic incident. Will I see you tomorrow?

Casey said...

These photos are gorgeous...what adorable kiddos :)

Sorry to hear about your accident, hope you aren't too sore! Alls well that ends well I say.

Jenny said...

oh yes, it wasn't a bad license plate made a perfect imprint on their bumper, but that's about it!

Prince said...

Jenny, were you trying to fit in with the high schoolers without me??????

Glad you're ok...and that you're spending some great times with those little sweeties and Sammi :)

Samantha said...

Oh Jenny, you bring tears to my eyes... Thank you so much for the sweet words and the pictures you take are beautiful. I feel you capture the moments so well; what a talent!!

I had not heard about the accident! I'm SO sorry..I feel responsible in a way. I hope everything is okay! And it is so good that you got to see Paula first after, she truley is the one that can make it all better.

We love you guys! See you soon!!


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