Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Friday!

I just got home from a LONG trip to IKEA with two 18 month olds...challenging, but fun! It was all worth it when their mommies looked back to find them both fast asleep for the wet drive home.

My little bubby is still napping so I thought I'd take the time to relax and get people caught up with what's been going on in our neck of the woods.
Last night we made a trip to Children's Hospital to have a "thigh fold" on Wes' right leg looked into. The doctor thinks it's just a crease that will eventually go away, but did mention that this sort of thing is often related to hip issues...which since Wes was breech was already a concern that we had looked into at 10 weeks old...he's fine...not that we were too worried.

I, myself, am going to have my own potential little medical issue looked into in the coming weeks...but I may share more about that in time. Here's hoping that mine too is not a big deal...sorry to be so vague, but if you see me in person feel free to ask.

Enough of the medical business...I'm really looking forward to co-hosting a bridal shower next weekend for this lovely gal...and making these bow ties for Wes, Isaiah, and another little boy who will be the ring bearers in her wedding. Fun times ahead this summer!

Hope everyone has a great long weekend.


Kristen said...

i love you, jenny! happy friday!

such a great photo of wes in his playroom. and i'm curious, did you get anything fun at ikea?

we've been praying for you guys with these medical things; so glad to hear that you got into children's with wes, and that his issue isn't something to be worried about.

those bowties will be adorable for rachel's wedding! can't wait to see photos from the actual event this summer!! xoxo

Jenny said...

nothing major at ikea...a toy, napkins, straws, sheets...random things! you should ask katie, she got way better stuff! ;)

Brianne said...

Now I REALLY need to get up there for a visit! Like Kristen said- you have been in my prayers too! So glad Wessy's hips look good!

katie on the front porch said...

way better stuff= spent way too much money! =) thanks for braving ikea with me and walking through the whole store! thanks, too, for driving. my pregnant self appreciated those heated seats.

Rebekah said...

oh man I really want to go to Ikea but am not excited about toting my two along :) sounds like you guys had a great time!!

So happy to hear that everything looks good with Wes' leg and of course am praying for you with everything else..I am glad the Lord made us sisters ;)...

hope you have a great memorial day tomorrow, will you be enjoying any devonshire cream? If so Simon would like to join you - he he.

Jenny said...

well...ikea wasn't *that* great for Wes..but we powered thru ;)

and i'm so sorry about Simon!!! He kind of had it coming though ;)

Rebekah said...

ha ha, I keep giggling about how hilarious that must have need to apologize he is totally fine :)

Matt and Joey said...

I *heart* <3 those bowties. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Prince said...

okay jenny and reba, i need some clarification on the simon-devonshire incident...i'm already laughing about it and i don't know a thing.

jenny, i love you and will call you tonight (heart)


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