Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Obsession

Wes, the little dear, got me a juicer for Mother's Day...I was inspired to "request" one by my friend Julie who took a huge jug of freshly squeezed vegetable juice with us on our Leavenworth just tasted so healthy and was surprisingly enjoyable.

I know my friend Joey is a big juicer too...and I'm hoping that she might read this and have some recommendations for me- recipes, books, etc. ;)

In New York I also hit up a couple of juice bars trying to replicate Julie's original concoction...but she shared her secrets with me and I'm going to share it here too.

Veggie Cooler (you can play with the portions)


(I've also thrown in apples, pears, celery...anything I have around the house!)

Is anyone else into juicing? Or would you like to come over for makes enough for 2 huge glasses...and Jeff's not that into it...not yet anyway!


Rebekah said...

yum, yes I will be over this week for a glass it looks delish! lucky Mommy that Wes got you such an awesome Mothers day gift, you deserve it!! xo

alisha said...

I'd like to come over for some! I haven't done much juicing but I have a sneaky suspicion I'd love it! Maybe in a few weeks? :)

Casey said...

Sounds yummy...and oh so healthy!

Kristen said...

count me in for a glass! i thought julie's concoction was delicious, too.

your new banner is adorable--so fun, jenny!

Matt and Joey said...

Shout out for juicing! Here's our usual standby:
3 romaine hearts or 1 big romaine head,
2 apples (for sweetness),
1 lemon, and
5=6 stalks kale, chard or other leafy veggie.
I always use this as my base and then add more beets, carrots, cucumber, or whatever. It's called "Green Lemonade" and is from "The Raw Food Detox Diet" by Natalia Rose. (Rumored to be used to treat cancer patients! Romaine is supposed to be so good for you and lemon for detoxing.)

I also hear the Cherie Calbom juicing books are great.

Juice it up, Jenny!

Matt and Joey said...

PS We often buy a big bag of oranges and juice them--unbelievable flavor. You'll never taste that with pasteurized juice, let alone something made from concentrate. I use it as a base for smoothies with bananas, raw walnuts, green powder (wheat grass, chlorella, barley greens, etc) and whatever else fruity or healthy I want to throw in.

Jeff G said...

smoothies! now you're talking my language. i make myself 3-5 smoothies a week.

for the record, i'm not against juicing...i largely like it. i am, however, against juice that tastes like pure ginger concentrate. especially when you can feel your stomach turning over from the shock to your system.

heather b said...

i tried this one last week (sans the carrots). it took me a few times to get the portions right, but it was really good. i need to use my juicer more often...


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