Tuesday, September 07, 2010

August Visitors

Ever since Jane left after living with us when Wes was just a wee one we have been missing her! She did come last November for Wes' 1st birthday, but honestly, August couldn't come fast enough...thank goodness she has an annual family camping trip to bring her back to the pacific northwest every summer.
Here she is with her friend Courtney who also stayed with us for a few days. It was so fun having her here too, since it gave us a good excuse to do some "sightseeing"- morning treats at Trophy Cupcakes (strawberry cheesecake was the clear winner), a stop at the Green lake wading pool, checking out the view from Kerry Park (and stumbling upon this amazing park full of spinning toys), the $15 three course lunch at Palisade, blind contour drawings, the works. It was so much fun to spend time with these ladies...but that was only the beginning...

One of the nights Jane and Courtney watched the little man while we celebrated Dan's big 3-0!

Courtney had to leave for life back in Salt Lake but Jane was staying the week so we had my Mom come out and of course we took a stroll through the neighborhood to our favorite pastry shop...Besalu.

Then we had to do our annual facial masks...
Part way through the week Callie arrived and we were all able to go out for a "girls night out"!

We were definitely into walking that week and discovered many a great park...but nothing could really beat the pizza at Delancey...I LOVE this city...and my girls.
Thanks for a wonderful week ladies, so sad to see you go!


Jocy May said...

those pictures are all so great! wish i had tried delancey before leaving the great NW- just one more reason to come visit i guess ;)

Rachel said...

LOVE these photos! You all look so happy!! (love the one of you jenny in front of delancey). And yes, Jocy may needs to come visit too! ;)

Kimberly said...

Looks like a great week! Makes me miss all of my ladies! Glad I got to see yours at the shower though, they are definitely a cool group.

PS: I love the shot of Wes on the other side of the gate, it's hilarious. And the one of him and Jeff is super cute. It made me smile :)

alisha said...

That 30 year old is quite the looker! And great to have all the visitors here last month. Come again!

Prince said...

i loved my time with you and the girls (and the boys) in seattle...i'm missing you terribly! i don't miss wes attacking my face, however, but he's made up for it since with his adorable "i need you jane" call :)

alisha, i must admit i thought you were talking about me for a second when you said that 30 year old was quite the looker...haha...but i can see why you'd think that about dan, too ;)

i can't wait to come back to seattle! but you're all very invited to come to dc as well :)

Prince said...

i think it's hilarious how wes is unhappy with me in the two pictures we're together...i'll try not to cry about it cause i know he loves me.

Joanna Roddy said...

All this stuff looks so fun. Miss you, friend!


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