Monday, September 06, 2010

Josie's Quilt

A lot of Josie posts as of late...guess I'm just an excited Auntie!

Here's the quilt I made her.Next up some posts on our August visitors and a fun labor day weekend with Meme & Pepe...stay tuned!


Dani said...

Oh I love it!

It's perfect. Just like little Josie will be.

Casey said...

Beautiful, as always Jenny. I sure do love your quilts....Cora's is still getting much love over here. If I don't have it on her bed at night (as in, if it's in the wash) she'll plead "Were's my special blankie??" :)

Jesse said...

Jenny - the quilt is so pretty! Love it! Do you take requests?! :):)

Brianne said...

You're such a good Auntie!

Kristen said...

every single one of your quilts is a treasure, jenny! you are a generous and talented woman. xoxo

Amanda Rupp said...

can you teach me how to make quilts next?? :)
this is so cute!
how are your granny squares coming? would be fun to see you soon.


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