Monday, September 20, 2010

Hood Canal :: Summer 2010

We were 17 months overdue for a trip to my family's cabin at Hood Canal...and Labor Day weekend seemed like the perfect time to break back into salt water livin'...Life on the water means: laying out, reading books, fishing, kayaking, eating crab, oysters, etc. (we didn't happen to eat any of these things this trip, but you get the idea)! You can really start to feel like you're in a self sustaining environment, especially since my Uncle Jerry planted a HUGE garden this year and we had fun harvesting the cucumbers, tomatoes, corn, zucchini, raspberries, blueberries...I could get used to this.
Bullheads...we released them.
My cute boys.
I made some really great headway on my afghan, though I need to kick it into gear if I want to meet my 30th birthday goal- update to follow.
Jeff and my Mom brave the seas.
Wes enjoyed sucking on the live clams.
Wes made a new friend and I think he was rather taken with her...her name is Emmie.
Before the big smooch, innocent enough.
During...where did the boy learn that move?...he craned his head all the way over to lay one right on the lips!
Emmie was surprised, least a Mom can hope!
The weekend also included a paella competition and my Dad won!
Thanks Meme & Pepe, we had so much fun!


Kristen said...

so many amazing photos, jenny! looks like a truly perfect way to spend labor day weekend. you did a fantastic job documenting it here! love you and can't wait to see you soon! xo

Katie, Ryan, Sean, and Molly said...

That kiss is awesome! Go Wes! I mean he is determined to make that happen. Hilarious.

Lewy said...

Awww man.... I want to go to there. And especially eat all that paella! :) Wes is getting so big, and those adorable blonde locks - I can't believe it! Loved this post.

Casey said...

What a fabulous vacation spot...all these photos are great.

I've never had paella before, but it looks delicious!

Dani said...

What fantastic fun!

These are great images...that sunset (woah) is like a postcard!

I see you are whipstitching. I hate that part. That's why I have an afghan that has yet to be assembled. Oh, and did I mention that I started it almost 9 years ago? Ahem.

Pat said...

It was a terrific weekend; 17 months was way too long for your all to be away from the canal.

Jocy May said...

he's a lover, not a fighter- ain't nothin' wrong with that :)
i've always enjoyed your fam's house at hood canal- looks like another wonderful trip!

La Dolce Vita said...

Great pictures and lovely place!!! It seems like you had a very good time and Wes found a girlfriend!!! hehehe ;)


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