Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gobble, Gobble!

The last day of November is here! And another Thanksgiving is under our belt...and what a day it was...Turkey Bowl in the snow, no nap for Wes, a kids table all their own (which meant an adult table all our own ;)), delicious food fit for a King, and the knowledge that the time to celebrate our King's birth is just around the corner...

But for now, some photos of our day- we hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving too!
MVP- Mark Drovdahl
I caught Wesley calling him "Uncle" Mark, which was very cute...but Wes, not all males are your Uncle (even if it feels that way sometimes).
After a LONG nap the Friday after Thanksgiving we promptly picked out a tree and have gotten into the Christmas spirit...I'm hoping to share some advent things on here soon.

Peace and love this holiday season,


Kristen said...

wonderful photos, jenny! i loved looking through these today; i'm feeling so blessed by our family and our traditions that we share together. it was great spending time with you this past weekend!

i can't wait to see your tree and your Christmas decorations!

La Dolce Vita said...

Beautiful mums!!!! ;)

Brianne said...

I will echo Kristen and say wonderful photos, Jenny! I am glad you guys had a festive holiday, filled with family and fun :)

alisha said...

My family had those same pilgrim Thanksgiving candles -- sweet nostalgia. :)


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