Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Ho, Ho, Ho!

 Santa pictures with all the Gough cousins...this year 7 in total (last year we just had 5)! I love all these little cuties and feel so thankful that Wes has so many cousins his age to share life with.
Happy December! I've decided to join in on the Beauty Collective this month (since I couldn't commit to a photo a day in November..but this gorgeous collage encouraged me, can't you picture it framed?). So, check back later for my photo of the day!


Kristen said...

laughing out loud at santa's expression in wes' solo shot with him. good grief!

your boy is so fun and so, so cute, jenny. our boys LOVE their cousin wesley!!

Casey said...

So great that you do this every year! :)

Claire Carey said...

I agree with Kristen's comment--such a great shot! I love these photos--so many cuties in one family!!


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