Thursday, January 06, 2011

Christmas in the Northwest


It was delightful to experience the Christmas season with Wes as a two-year-old. He was all about Santa, Frosty, Rudolph (requesting we sing this every night before bed), Jingle Bells, and baby Jesus- of course!

We took the holiday season by storm, kicking things off early with the purchase of our Christmas tree (all nine feet of her) from the Top Banana lot the weekend after Thanksgiving.  It was nice to stay local this year and forgo last years tree farm experience, and I've got to say... I didn't miss it!  Sometimes it's easy for me to have grand ideas about how things should be or what it will "feel" like to do things a certain way...but that was one tradition I'm truly ok with letting go and it feels great to not have put that pressure on myself.  Dare I say a fake tree is in our future?

That same weekend we  stuck with our advent calendar tradition and did a shopping spree at Target for small gifts for each other...and then filled our tiny stockings with trinkets (highlights: lace leggings {debuting below} for me, batman underpants {not pictured} for Jeff and Toy Story figurines for Wes), scripture (highlights: Philippians 1:6 and Jeremiah 29:11), and family activities (highlights: giving daddy a massage {written by Jeff}, recording Wes reading a poem, and making sugar cookies for the neighbors).  It was such a fun way to count down to Christmas.
Wesley helps adorn the tree...I have a similar picture of me around this age kissing an ornament, it's one of my earliest memories of Christmas.
The Monday after Thanksgiving the Gough grandkids visit Santa and Wes was nothing but smiles!
This was the only cookie Wes helped frost and by the end of it most of the frosting was missing.  Alisha came to help which was superb!
Who can resist these classic reflection photos...this was at my in-laws house with their gorgeous tree.
Visiting my Great Uncle Leonard for a Christmas visit, we enjoyed his company and some delicious chowder at Duke's. {Seriously the chowder is where it's at. You might be tempted to order a full meal since most of them come with a cup of chowder, but trust me, just stick with the chowder..they're all great!)
Wes models a few gifts made by the talented Rebekah.
Boldrin Family Christmas complete with a "bring something from home" white elephant gift exchange, an economical and comical alternative.
Wes and Miles snuggle at the Evan's Family Christmas celebration, while below Grandpa and Grandma Gough snag a photo with their SEVEN grandchildren.
The Gough Girls {and said leggings.}
Our Christmas Eve breakfast. I was loving that I had some frozen cinnamon rolls left over from a big batch made back in August {where I used almond extract instead of maple.}
Wes enjoying a Kipper book Santa brought him. How could he have possibly known how much Wes loves this pup?
Andy and Ruby our neighbor kids popped by to wish us Merry Christmas! Ruby sported the hat I crocheted for her birthday gift, inspired by this one but with an R appliqued on the side.
Christmas Eve we stayed with my parents and feasted on pasta with shrimp. The pasta was prepared in a parmesan cheese wheel and although we intended to make our own pasta (I forgot a piece of the attachment) it was still delicious all the same!
My brother received a particularly sentimental gift...his old set of Smurf figurines which he had thought lost, thrown out or given away. 
Jeff models a pair of my Dad's new reading glasses.
Christmas day we spent with the Gough family {including my parents} and all those precious little ones!
Don't ask.
Then all of us spent the night!  I was gearing up for a long sleepless night with all of those kiddos under one roof but I'm happy to report that we 3 were snug in our bed all night and didn't notice a peep out of anyone else, that was a HUGE gift in itself.  And the following morning was filled with almond bread, laughter, gifts, and a few tears sprinkled in for good measure.
 Our final celebration was a brunch with my cousin Julian and his Mom...we haven't gotten to spend much time with them so this was a special treat.
What a joy and a privilege to spend this season with those we love. Thanks be to God for the gift of one another and for the gift of His Son.

**We didn't get around to a Christmas card this year and though that feels like a "pressure" to me too, I have to say I so enjoy receiving others next year- look out! I'm getting off my lazy bottom and spreading a little Christmas cheer! {Now by next year do I mean this Christmas or 2012? ;)}**


Casey said...

Wow, loved seeing pictures from your Christmas Jenny! Such great traditions. I felt lackluster with my Christmas card this year too (I ended up not having enough to send to everyone)....meant to do a photoshoot, but never did. Next year!

Also, Cora loves Kipper (the dog with the slipper) too! Check out Netflix, they have a ton of instant watch of that show.

Pat said...

What a way to start out 2011 - this was one of my favorite blog posts of yours.

Love you!

Rebekah said...

this update is awesome, I loved reading every bit of it and am inspired to finish my december wrap up for my orangepoppy blog too! your little world could not be more adorable especially that little Wesley!

oh and that miss piggy picture of me is motivating me to keep up the hard work of sticking to my detox, you know it's true :).

love you Jenny hope you have a wonderful thursday!

Kristen said...

you captured so many sweet and fun moments--such a joy to read this post today! loved sharing christmas with you and your family, jenny! xoxo

Shauna said...

Beautiful recap!

Here I sat down to finally blog about my Christmas recap...and got distracted reading yours. ;) Great pictures as always and I have to admit that I'm a little envious of your creativity with all your crafty projects (hats, advent gifts, cookies, etc). Way to go super mom!! :)

Jenny said...

oh no shauna...I didn't want anyone to feel envious...I really hate that feeling when reading blogs.

trust me, I'm no super's easy to make it seem like you've done a lot when you recap an entire it didn't hurt that I was taking a photo a day...that way I had stuff to blog about.

looking forward to reading your recap!

heather b said...

it sounds (and looks) like you had an amazing holiday. i still can't believe it has already come and gone.

i'm really intrigued by the pasta in the parmesan wheel. was it cooked inside a hollow wheel? on top of the wheel? yum.

happy new year!! xoxo

Chris Gough said...

Love the picture with Wes and Great Uncle Leonard!

alisha said...

Great Christmas recap! I was so blessed to be able to spend the Christmas season in the Northwest in general, and three doors down in particular. :)


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