Monday, February 07, 2011

make something monday :: sweater legwarmers

*Thank you to Rebekah (friend and sister-in-law) at a bit of sunshine for letting me share this quick crafty creation on her blog.  I just love her "make something monday" feature and am honored to be included among her gorgeous projects!*

The idea for thrifted sweater legwarmers came to me during my New Year Swap.  I had spied an adorable purple sweater and knew right away that I wanted it, until I saw the huge slash through the back.  Rats.  But wait...and that's when I shoved my leg through the arm and had an "aha" moment.  Legwarmers.

This is truly so simple I am almost embarrassed to do a "tutorial" on it, but I thought it was definitely doable and unique and the perfect quick project...during nap-time perhaps?
Step 1 ::
Find a sweater.  I had the one from the swap but I also decided to hit up Goodwill and see if there were any good finds.  I learned a few things too...pick a sweater that has some stretch to it, that's not already too big for your leg (or too small), but that also has the longest arms possible...this will affect the height of your legwarmer.  I also think it looks slightly better to have a pattern on the entire sleeve, but if it's more plain you could also add an appliqué or embroider (if you want to get really creative).

Step  2 ::
Using scissors cut a straight line through the sleeve from the armpit, parallel with the wrist.

Step 3 ::
Turn the sleeve inside out and fold a hem on the cut edge. (I just fold as I go, no need to pin.) Place the edge under your sewing machine foot and set the stitch to zig zag.

Step 4 :: 
Sew around the the sleeve. Turn rightside out and "get physical" with your new legwarmers.

I think they're cute with tights or leggings and a little jean skirt.  Dare to wear them with jeggings and pumps! The world is your oyster.

And now what to do with the body of the sweater?  Perhaps you have some good ideas? I was thinking of making a pillow, a coffee cozy, a doll.  If you have ideas please feel free to share them here!


Rebekah said...

loooooooove!!!!!!! seriously cute thanks for your contribution today it is an honor for me!! xoxo

Kristen said...

adorable! loved seeing these on you in person. such a fantastic use for an old sweater!

JKLR said...

I am currently in love with leg warmers & now I can make them! Fabulous! Thanks!

Rachel said...

Awesome Jenny! Maybe even I could do this project?? :) Thanks for the inspiration!

Prince said...

lovely! and so smart!

story: once upon a time a sweet little argentine lady asked if she could crochet me some leg warmers and what kind i would like. i said i'd love some simple black, thin, long ones. a week later when i was in her home she lovingly handed me two brown, fat, short ones. haha! they fall off my legs, but they fit over my head and keep my neck nice and toasty :)

moral of the story: be grateful for a warm neck and brown is the new black!


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