Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Wesley :: Wednesday

Today we had to get out and enjoy the beautiful and rare winter sunshine...and it's not really like me to venture out without a playdate on the books but after a trip to the gym Wes was "ready to run" and I was happy to oblige him on the shores of the Puget Sound.
I'm hoping to use these "Wesley :: Wednesday" posts as a time to stop and capture precious moments that disappear too quickly. I can't remember or record everything...but I know I'll be happy that I tried.
Just this week Jeff was reading to Wes from the 100 Bible Stories book that Meme got him for his dedication at church.  Jeff read about Jesus knocking at the door of our heart and so he lightly tapped Wesley's chest and said, "knock, knock" and he had Wes reply, "Come in Jesus," but Wes didn't stop there.  Wes unprompted said, "Come in Jesus, I love you."  They did this back and forth for a bit and when I returned from a birthday dinner Wes was very happy to show me his new "trick."

Today I thought I'd test his memory.  Knock, knock.  And he looked at me, with his sweet brown eyes, and said, "Jesus is with me." Like, yeah Mom...I let him in earlier this week, he's already inside my heart.  I hope it was that easy.


Rachel said...

Sweet sweet wesley. And so smart. I love this story. I'll definitely be looking forward to Wesley Wednesdays!

Katie said...

So sweet. I love that story too. Glad we got to get a glimpse of Wesley on this Wednesday. Isaiah loves his little buddy. Thanks for our talk too.

Kristen said...


Prince said...

love that baby boy! although he's not so much of a baby anymore. learning so much, that little enlightened one :)


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