Monday, March 14, 2011

Amelia Soleil & A Weekend Away!

The weekend before last we celebrated the first birthday of our first niece...a precious little one year old who brings joy to all!

We've been kind of down for the count these past two weeks (major stomach flu and severe cold symptoms) but are on the mend so I thought I'd share these photos from our first weekend in March.

We had such a lovely time with family in the beautiful setting of Whidbey Island...Wes especially loved being outdoors and playing by the sea.  Can't wait to go again.  You can see more photos from the weekend HERE and HERE.


Kristen said...

loved your photo from the weekend! (but more than that i loved being with you all and enjoying whidbey, the sunshine, and amelia's birthday party!) glad to hear you all are on the mend! xo

Shauna said...

Nice high school photo Jeff!

Casey said...

Gorgeous location!

And I had a laugh at the "high school photo" of Jeff too. Somewhere around here we have him doing the same pose up in the rafters of our old place in Pioneer Square. Hilarous!

Claire Carey said...

Cute, especially Wes on the ferry! Glad to hear you are feeling better, Jenny!


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