Friday, March 18, 2011

Stone Soup

If you're a friend on facebook or have talked with me in the last week you will know that Jeff has kidney very large one (1.3cm) in his kidney and a smaller one that is stuck in his ureter.  Sad.
Fortunately, he has not been in least not in "kidney stone" pain, which we've heard is terribly unbearable.

So, in less than 10 minutes we will be heading to the hospital to have ureteroscopy and lithotripsy performed on poor Jeffy and a ureteric stent inserted into his ureter (the tube between his kidney and bladder) which will stay inside for 3-4 weeks.  Jeff is not looking forward to the procedure (who would?) but we are thankful that this was discovered before he was in any serious pain.
Please be praying at 1:30!  That the doctors would have wisdom and skill, that Jeff would be calm and have a sense of peace, that the procedure will be swift as will recovery.


Pat said...

We're praying for Jeff!

Casey said...

How awful for Jeff! But yes, glad you caught it before the serious pain...I too have heard it can be terrible.

We'll be praying for you all this afternoon! xo

Brianne said...

Get well soon Jeff!

Kristen said...

jeff sounded like he was in such great spirits when we talked with him this morning. we've been praying for him and will keep praying through his recovery! (praying for you, too, jenny, as you care for him!) love you all!

Jocy May said...

Been thinking of you guys today- hope all is well!


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