Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wesley :: Wednesday

{Wesley draws a smiley face- on his own!}

I know it's thursday, but that just doesn't go as well with Wesley...and I meant to post this yesterday but honestly I was so sore from my first Crossfit training class that I just didn't have it in me.  And if I'm being honest I'm still pretty immobile but I can't just lay on the couch (and eat Jack-in-the-box) everyday.  Yes, I did just confess that after working out I did a fast food run...but my body was craving it and sometimes you just gotta do what you're body tells you to long as it's safe!

I was talking about Wesley though, right? Can you see the smiley face he drew all on his own?  I was very proud of him, especially since it's not really something we work on...but my little man is picking up new skills all the time, he's even started getting his colors right.

The other day while we were in the car I heard him playing with his water bottle.  He does this thing where he talks with either a very high voice or a very low voice when he is talking for his "toy" and so, in his very low voice, I heard him say, "I'm not pretty...I'm special."  I was baffled, I have no idea where he picked those adjectives, let alone used in that context.  But the other amazing part about it is that several hours later I told Wes that HE was special and he said, "No, I'm pretty...the water bottle is special."  His memory and creativity have really been shining through.  I just love him.

We've also been hearing a lot of "I need...mine...let me do it myself..." typical two year old stuff that isn't quite as sweet- but we'll take him!

Hope you're all having a great Thursday ;) I could really use some sun AND a body double that would like to go to Crossfit tonight in my place!


Shauna said...

I just watched a bunch of the crossfit are my hero. Ouch, I can see why you're sore. Looks intense!!

I like that Wesley is the pretty one. :) Very cute. This 2 year old stuff is super fun, I love watching their little personalities develop...and given that Wes has you and Jeff for parents, I think he's guaranteed to be an entertaining little guy. :D

Elizabeth said...

What an adorable little man you have! Such a fun age. Hang in there with gets so much better.

Pat said...

Yesterday I told Wes he was goofy, because that's what Pépé had called him. He replied, "I'm not goofy, I'm funny - you're silly"

Brianne said...

now I just really want some jalapeno's been a couch day here, so it was fun to read something new about little Wes today! Thanks for posting his sweet little art :)

Angela said...

Good job starting Crossfit Jenny! That's hard work! Wes is darling, I LOVE the stage when they draw happy faces!

Prince said...

i miss him so muuuuuuuuuch!!!!!!!


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