Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Meet the Cluckers

I am one proud chicken farmer!  I'm happy to report that our girls have grown into full size chickens (though their feathering hasn't matured completely). We have also said goodbye to our rooster (but I'm saving that for another blog post). They've graduated to living in an outdoor chicken coop that Jeff built with his own hands with some help from his Dad (also gearing up for that blog post too). Backyard life has gotten interesting and I'm long overdue for an update.  So, sit back and meet the cluckers, mugshot style.
She's our most tame and easiest to catch.
silver laced wyandotte
Our mischievous one.  She can be found trying to sneak into neighbors yards.
black copper maran
She's the one we saved in her shell.  She misses her brother.
She is Sheila's sister and can be distinguished by her red face.
black copper maran
We named him before we realized she was a HE.  He was the most beautiful of all the birds and we were sad to see him go.  He was a very tame rooster!

More posts coming soon!


Kristen said...

:) love the mugshots of your chickens. looking forward to the posts you have in the works, too, jenny! so many fun + interesting + productive things going on this season on your urban farm! xo

Casey said...

I was going to say the same, love the mugshots! Ha! :)

I love hearing your chicken adventures too, and can't wait to read your other posts on the subject.

Lewy said...

broken record: mugshot idea is priceless!! I love seeing this pictures of your girls, and it only intensifies my own desire for a few chickens and an little urban homestead!

looking forward to more. :)

Shauna said...

I love the mugshots! :)

Rebekah said...

ha ha you are so awesome these are perfect! looking forward to more about your urban farm too it's inspiring! and I love the little blog updates it looks super cute! xo


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