Sunday, June 05, 2011

Dallas :: Part 4 :: Rag Tie Curls

This post doesn't require much explanation...when in Dallas...go big or go home!

We were struck with the genius idea to tie rag curls in our hair and after a quick trip to Walmart at 11pm we left with our remnant fabric in hand (and since I value full disclosure I'll admit that I left with a few other bargains, I mean who can pass up a $5 swimsuit?)and the hope of curly locks in our hearts.

We were pumped about the idea until we realized it was getting we only managed to tie up Callie's hair. The poor girl endured going to the gym AND the pool with ties still in (you're a good sport Callie!) Her long golden locks were worth it!

The next night we mustered up the energy to tie both mine and Jane's hair...but I must admit that sleeping and working out in them was not as easy as Callie made it seem.

A full day later, Callie's hair looks even more luxurious!
Then came the big morning reveal for Jane and I and unfortunately our hair isn't quite as long and thick as Callie's and we quickly realized that our Shirley Temple dos were not exactly what we had hoped for or imagined.
I guess the only thing left to do was to comb them out...
Hello afro!

Jane's hair kind of morphed throughout the day...see her full Texan look below.
I will post a photo in a few days with some sweet little milestones that happened while I was away...and in that photo, I have to say, I think I kind of love my curls (a full day and a half and a night's rest and an airplane ride later).

One more Dallas post to go- stay tuned!


Jocy May said...

this post is AMAZING!!!

Rebekah said...

oh my gosh SO amazing - ha! Can you believe that when I use to rag curl my hair it actually made it LESS curly - this brought back memories! love that you guys totally rocked the fros can't wait to see the rest :)!!

Claire Carey said...

Cute curls!! I bought some soft curlers at Walgreens with the plan to wrap my head before bed and wake up with glorious curls in the morning. I've only done half of my head...three weeks ago. Ah well! It is way more work than it seems, but you ladies wear it well! Great photos!

Brianne said...

That last photo of Jane is PRICELESS!
Callie's hair really did well...kinda thinking I may have to try it out myself once my hair grows a bit more :)

Jenny said...

Rebekah- I totally thought of you while I did this :)

Claire- I'd be happy to come over one night and curl you up, it's a lot to take on by yourself...I don't think I could have done it!

Bri- wait until your hair is long? What, you don't like the short Afro? I've got all the rags I'd be happy to tie anyone up that's interested!

I'm thinking of convincing jeff to learn the skills and make me curly again soon!

Kristen said...

i love this look on you girls!! and what a fun thing to do together (i'm thinking rag tie curls on our gough family vacation).

Prince said...

i love kristen's idea! i am already imagining the gough family photos with all those it!

the time and effort it took to rag tie was totally worth it when 1) we picked out my hair and almost died laughing, and 2) we got honked at on the streets of dallas. we've still got it girls! jenny, thanks for making/forcing us to do it ;)


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