Thursday, June 09, 2011

Dallas :: Part 5 :: Callie's Quilt

Before I left for Dallas I worked my little fingers to the bone trying to create a special quilt just for Miss Callie Leora Christian...something bright and fun with lots of paisley (Callie's favorite).
It fit right in with her modern it a little bit of country!
It was my joy to give Callie this gift, to think of her as I made each stitch...about her amazing journey, her inspiring courage, her beautiful faith, and this new chapter in her life...all in her new downtown apartment!
I can just picture her napping underneath it...and I kind of want one for myself (the nap AND the quilt)!

Goodbye Dallas- you were good to me!


Brianne said...

beautiful! love the colors and've got talent lady!

Rebekah said...

oh Jenny it is just stunning and so perfect for beautiful Callie! you have a gift of blessing us all with your amazing quilts - thank you for working your fingers to the bone your love is in each stitch and these treasures are a testimony of how well you love your friends and family!

Kristen said...

i just want to echo what rebekah said! this quilt turned out so beautifully, jenny--i wish i could've been there to see callie receive it! i seriously love how you bless others through your creativity and craft-work. a joy for you, i'm sure, and such a joy for all of us! (my boys still sleep under their special quilts nearly every night. we are big fans over here of aunt jenny's work, in all its forms!!) xoxo

amyrenee said...

Come see me and bring a pretty quilt. I don't live in a loft, but Callie doesn't have a canine friend. So, we're even.


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