Friday, June 24, 2011

Milestones :: 3 :: BIG Prize

After weeks of trying to coax Wes to poop on the potty he finally did! I think it took him by surprise, we've been employing the pant-less method (but not consistently so unfortunately he's not really close to being potty trained) and all of a sudden I heard him yell, "I need to go..." and start booking it toward the bathroom. Hooray!

We had promised him a trip to the movie theater to watch Kung Fu Panda 2 with popcorn and candy to boot. He was in Heaven! I think he was so excited about it that the next day he went #2 on the potty twice...but without a big incentive it has kind of fizzled since then. We have instituted a sticker chart and are thinking of going to the Renton Water Park when he has it all filled up (54 stickers, yikes!)

We keep revisting those successful first couple of days. I'll say, "Wes, do you remember when you went poo poo on the potty?" And he'll say, "And you were so proud of me?" Yep buddy, we were! (We still are, but Wes if you're reading this...I'd really love it if you could do it again.)

I had a fever the past couple of days but am feeling better (thanks Mom!) and hoping this on again off again weather will turn into full blown sunshine this weekend. Summer where are you?


kristen gough said...

Yay, Wesley!! (Yay, Mama and Dada, too--it is such a team effort!) Happy weekend, you guys!

Claire Carey said...

Cute, cute, cute! Sorry you aren't feeling well, Jenny.

Shauna said...

Good job Wesley! I know just how exciting it is when a kid goes poo on the toilet in the beginning stages of potty training - celebrations all around! :)

What kind of candy did he pick out?

Jenny said...

reeses pieces (mommy helped)

but we did decide that popcorn AND candy made us feel a little sick (Wes' own words) and next time we'll just choose one.

Casey said...

Yay Wes! Yes indeed, pooping on the potty is a totally big deal (just ask Cora). Here's hoping the sticker chart works as a bribe! I'm a firm believer in the bribe ;)

Prince said...

i really wish i could have been there for all of this...even the pooping part (ummm is that weird??) i hate missing his milestones...and everything in between :(

The Courter Family said...

yeah Wesers!! So exciting Jenny :) I hope he continues the trend more often than not!! Glad you are feeling better. It's hard to be FT mommy and wife when you're feeling yucky!!


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