Tuesday, July 05, 2011

A Garden Tour

Happy July everyone! I can't believe June has come and gone and that summer is just now starting (but feels like it's already over). I'm trying to savor each day...back on gluten (but second guessing that choice since I'm exhibiting head and stomach aches), enjoying 2 eggs layed everyday (Josephine started gracing us with her chocolate brown beauties), and harvesting from our garden which is well underway (Thanks Uncle Jerry & Aunt Pam, this has been so rewarding this year!)

I wanted to share some photos before we've eaten it all up.  Actually, the only thing we've plowed through are the radishes and boy were there plenty (I don't think I'll plant as many next year).
Upper left are 3 artichoke plants with a field of kale underneath.  Then we have a big gap where the radishes were and you can't see them yet but I've planted some potatoes in their place and have enough room to grow something new...I was thinking about arugula but I know it doesn't like the sun.  Any suggestions?
Moving from the big gap you'll find golden beets, fennel, cucumber and broccoli...I think we're going to have a space issue once those cucumbers really start coming in but maybe by then the beets will be gone and they'll have more room.  Gee, gardening is an adventure!
Our second raised bed is home to a row of corn along the top and then starting from the left we have rainbow chard (I added some to a smoothie this morning), onions, and red beets.
Next you'll find carrots which probably need to be thinned out if I want them to get bigger (I completely over seeded but I wasn't sure how many would grow, I guess I found my answer...all of them),  lastly we have a little mix of more cucumbers, cauliflower, a bell pepper plant and 3 ever-bearing strawberry plants.  Fun, fun, fun!
 Here's a close up of the bell peppers...I had heard these were hard to grow but if they turn out I'll be super excited because we sure do eat a ton of them.

We've got quite the urban farm going and I couldn't be happier!

I'll be back here with a couple of posts this week...I've been delinquent on sharing some special events that have happened around our home.  Hope everyone had a safe and delightful Independence Day, the weather could not have been any more perfect in Seattle.


kristen gough said...

Your garden is an inspiration, Jenny! I loved reading through this post. So glad you are documenting and sharing your urban farm endeavors!

Jocy May said...

i am so jealous of your amazing urban farm! it is so beautiful- looking forward to seeing it in person!!

Rebekah said...

Your garden truly is amazing Jenny - I am so impressed with you guys and can't wait until we have a space that we know we will be at for a bit so that you can come over and teach me your wisdom :)..it's stunning and gorgeous what you and Jeff have done in such a short period of time!!

amy said...

i love your garden, jenny! i tried my hand at a little raised bed of my own this year, and while i'm proud of the results, yours puts mine to shame! :)

Casey said...

Wow, I love your raised beds! So pretty. And you've got so much variety too :)

I had the opposite problem with carrots....I thinned them too much and they all died....live and learn! :)

Shauna said...

Wow. You are rocking the gardens! I so wish I had all that going on in my backyard. :) Way to go!!

Claire Carey said...

I love your garden, Jenny. This is so fun for Wes to grow up experiencing this process.

Rachel said...

Very jealous--this is so great! Maybe you should teach a class on how to do this--for me. :)

Erica said...

would love to see all this in real life! i'm really impressed, jenny! :)


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