Monday, August 01, 2011

Forecast :: Chance of Showers

These past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of showers and celebration for little ones that will enter our world soon! Two weekends ago my Mom and I hosted a shower for my brother's first little smurf...I mean, son. If you remember, my brother was reunited with his long lost smurf collection last Christmas and so I decided to take the theme and run with it when I discovered they would be having a little boy.

We think his name will be Maxton (but you can totally change your mind Chris & Lenzi...I know we embraced it for the shower, but there's no pressure...except that Wes is already calling him baby Max ;))
Oddly enough Smurfs are making a comeback and that made little stuffed animals available for the decorations.  And of course I had to make a quilt using a thrifted smurf sheet I got on etsy.

I also got to meet this little sweetie, just 2 days old.  Welcome Dewey!  We think your parents Brooke & Daryn are pretty lucky to have you.
And here is Lenzi with a couple of her of which is expecting in December, a little girl, perhaps Max's future girlfriend? ;)
Each person had their very own smurf character drink label...I was hefty smurf, because I'm so strong, not fat.
It was a lovely affair and now we are just anxiously awaiting Max's arrival and praying for a safe and pain-free delivery (I mean if you're going to pray you might as well go big!)


Claire Carey said...

I loved the Smurfs! So glad they are making a comeback. Great shower, Jenny.

Casey said...

Oh I love the theme....great job Jenny. And that quilt is perfect! Congrats to your brother :)


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