Friday, August 05, 2011

When it Rains it Pours

Shower No. 2 (in two weeks) was for my dear friend, Julie Jane...and since her and her husband aren't finding out if they're having a son or daughter we decided to embrace a rainbow theme with some of her and Noah's favorite colors.
I'm kind of into ceiling installations for my parties...I think our high ceilings and box beams lend well to hanging things up, and thank goodness for my tall and willing husband who's always such a sport about my ideas! (thanks Jeff)
The gorgeous pregnant lady...absolutely glowing!
The party theme quickly turned "ombré" once I spotted THIS cake and THIS fruit kabob idea (I think I might like our version of the kabobs slightly more than the rainbow ones.)  Pinterest was quite an inspiration board for this, so fun!
Yep, we went for the cake (!) And I think it was a may be seeing this again.  Certainly I'll let you in on our yummy little secret, cause did I mention it was gluten free?  We used Pamela's vanilla cake mix and did the coconut version.  I'm honestly not a cake person, but the coconut milk made it so...I'm going to say it...moist and delicious. I HIGHLY recommend it.


Julie was thoroughly showered by some amazing friends who are all lucky to have her...we just can't wait to snuggle her little one!
We love you Julie Jane! Jen and I had such a great time throwing your shower. Blessings to you!


Rebekah said...

every square inch of this party was perfect - the decorations, the food, that cake was unreal, the guest of honor..beautiful Jenny, as always! Oh and the smurf shower was absolutely adorable too!

Love you girl and feel very much like I want to throw you a huge party because you always bless everyone else so well with such a joyful and loving spirit!

Claire Carey said...

That cake was amazing, Jenny! The whole shower was so bright and full of joy. Such a fun day. :)

Casey said...

that cake is incredible!! such an amazing set up....Pinterest really does have such amazing ideas, doesn't it? I'm working on planning a rainbow party for Cora's birthday this year....such good stuff!

Prince said...

wow. jenny you are a dreamboat. you never cease to amaze me. love you!

Brianne said...

What fun, Jenny! That cake looks pretty darn tasty and beautiful!! I may have to try one for my birthday ;)

alisha said...

Wonderful photos! And I can attest to that fact that that cake was freaking amazing. Nom nom nom...

It was fun to celebrate with you and Julie and all her friends.

stacy bostrom said...

jenny - you are the shower decorating/idea QUEEN!!!!! when is your book coming out, i'll buy it :)

julie jane said...

i have never (ever) been so delighted to be celebrated... and i truly felt showered with love. everything was beautiful and rainbow-licious! thank you, Jenny and Jen, for making me feel so blessed.

Jenny, you have an incredible gift for hospitality, and i agree with Rebekah that we should throw you a huge party to thank you for being so, so good as blessing all of us! i love you!!

Amanda Rupp said...

gorgeous showers!!! i love seeing all the fun ways you decorate using your ceiling! and all the other details are so fun too, you are an inspiration! would love to hang out soon- :)


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