Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hood Canal :: Summer 2011

Seattle received a sliver of summer the last couple of weekends in August and the beginning of September and we took advantage of it with a quick trip to Hood Canal.  My parents cabin is quickly becoming a favorite spot for our family...especially when we can enjoy it with friends (the Prathers, for example) and family. There's quite a community growing in Tahuya and we enjoyed a crab dinner with Jerry & Pam and a movie night at Keith & Cathy's with grandkids, including Wes' little friend Ruby!

We also took our first tour of Alderbrook and ate brunch in their restaurant one morning.  It's at the top of my wish list to stay there one weekend while Wes stays with my parents at the cabin and pops over for a quick dip in their indoor pool (with views of the canal).  Gee, someone's birthday is coming up...
Wes holds a LIVE crab!

Wes and Great Uncle Jerry have a special bond.

Wes asked to hold sweet baby Eloise- so cute.
They've come a long way from HERE.
Wes has become a swimming fool!
And we did some laying out...

My cute sunny boys.
Wes was my crab cracker...he chomped right in with his teeth and enjoyed a lot of crab himself.

Yes, his hair is getting ridiculous. But he sure is cute.

Hello Miss Ruby!
Thanks for teaching Wes a new trick...

We'll be back...but until then here's a look back at last year.


Prince said...

ahh the good ol what's it tahuya days. looks like wes is lovin carrying on the tradition. his hair is so darling and some of those facial expressions just melt my heart. my favorite is of the two of you sunbathing...he looks just like you jenny!

Rachel said...

Amazing photos! I also love the ones of you and wes in the sun. Will and Wes looks like opposites in the hair department, but I love the photos of those two buddies too! So cute.

Brianne said...

Wow! I kinda teared up loking at that then and now picture of the boys! They are so big! Thanks for being gracious always. We had fun and were sorry to have to leave a day early :(
Eloise's checks are ridiculous! Love the picture of the three if them...Wes' expression!!!


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