Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Travel Back (b)LOG :: Phoenix, AZ

In early March of this year my good friend, Katrina, invited Wes and I to join her as she took her two adorable blondies for a visit with her family in Phoenix.  I'm pretty sure at this point I didn't know that I was pregnant and I remember thinking....I wonder if that will be right in our "window" but I was also so sick of planning my life around trying to get pregnant...and by george Wes deserved to have a little fun and adventure...and so did I!  So we jumped in and said yes...and despite being super tired in those early pregnancy weeks we had such a lovely time.

I am so thankful for MOPS, to have met Katrina, to be sharing life with her and her sweet family.  She is such an unexpected gift to me...so positive, full of joy, encouraging, thoughtful...I could go on.  My life has definitely been richer these past two years with her as a friend!

Here are a few photos from our trip...of course with the onset of instagram it didn't even occur to me to take our DSLR...the phone is just so handy!

The kids anxiously awaiting our airplane...this was Wes' first time in his own seat! (Doesn't his hair seem so short?)
As my luck would have it Phoenix was experiencing an unseasonable cold front...the first couple of days were cool and rainy but at least we got to see a gorgeous rainbow!
Wes also learned a valuable lesson while we were in Phoenix...there is a reason mommy and daddy tell him to sit on his bottom at the table...he broke a chair and split his lip...the first "real" bloody accident for the little bub...and on his lip of all places, poor thing.
Wagon ride with Nana...Katrina's parents were gracious hosts.  We felt so welcomed and loved.
This trip really started Wesley's swim season off, he can now swim short distances without his life jacket...HUGE progress!
One of the nights Nana and Pappy watched all the kids and Katrina and I got to spend a fun night out...shopping at Last Chance and dinner at True Food Kitchen...I wish they had one in Seattle it was amazing!  And we ordered a ton just to make up for the fact that we can't get it here ;)

Such a fun way to kick off a very busy season of travel! I will be back-blogging about our adventures during Wes' preschool hours before baby comes (just 7 short weeks)...wish me luck!


Rachel said...

I love Phoenix when it's raining! I'm glad you had a good trip and have such a good friend in Katrina. I'm enjoying getting to know her a little bit more too. I'm excited to meet your baby girl but hope you get to relish and enjoy these last few weeks of pregnancy. You seem strong and happy. I love it!

Kristen Gough said...

so looking forward to all your posts! it was fun to read your recap of your trip with katrina. great photos--and yes, wes's hair was so short!! :)


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