Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Travel Back (b)Log :: Vegas

April brought about an opportunity to visit Vegas with my Mom, Aunt, cousin and a few other gals...and though the last time I went to Vegas I told myself I never needed to return (which was again confirmed on this trip...not for any particular reason just that it doesn't really do it for me)...the prospect of this vacation on the coat tails of a solo trip to AZ sans Wes sounded intriguing.  Pool? Eating out?  Sleeping in my own bed?  Shopping? Ok, ok...I get could used to Vegas ;)

We stayed at the Cosmopolitan and it did not disappoint. I realized the best way to do Vegas is to just go for a new Hotel...the older ones are cheaper, but honestly we booked thru expedia and the flight and hotel were quite reasonable and the amenities were so worth it!

The real clincher for convincing me to take this trip? Craft Steak (Jeff's favorite restaurant in the world).  And although I think my expectations were a bit high...the food was delicious and we ordered a lot of options just to be sure not to miss anything. Below is a photo of the Monkey Bread which Jeff is hoping I'll replicate someday.

Oh look! I do have ankles...someday they'll be back :)

A super grainy picture of my cousin and me...she lives in California so it was nice to spend some time together, it doesn't happen often enough!


Rebekah said...

you look so sassy in that black and gold number! way to keep up the back blogging Jenny!!

Jenny said...

Thanks Rebekah! I tried to squeeze into it last week (i bought it a little big) and Jeff broke the zipper... This might be the last time I'll have ever worn it :(

La Dolce Vita said...

Vegas is always a good escape!!!!


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