Wednesday, January 30, 2013

wes + elle

Wes can't resist his little sister...she's the first thing he wants to see in the morning...sometimes to my annoyance since she's often still fast asleep. He adores giving her hugs and kisses. And when asked by a stranger what his favorite thing about being a big brother is he replied, "giving mama her diapers and wipes"- ha! I have him well trained. He is a loving and encouraging big brother and she loves him too, as evidenced by the bigs laughs in the below video. Oh these two are the best things we've ever made- thank you LORD.

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Kristen Gough said...

this post fills my heart with joy and gratitude! we love your wesley and your elliot so very, very much!! how incredible to see their bonds of friendship and love forming right before your eyes. my heart rejoices with yours, jenny! xoxo


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