Sunday, February 03, 2013

running :: tips + tricks

This post is for serious runners ;) 
 Just before Mother's Day last year I saw a poster for a Mother's Day 5k and having completed my raw & running challenge just before finding out I was pregnant (alongside my 3 sisters-in-law) I thought, hey, this might just be perfect timing post baby for all 4 of us to participate in a 5k celebrating this year of joint motherhood.

So, 6 weeks post baby found me back on the saddle, er, treadmill...making my way to running 3.1 miles.

I am NOT a runner, but I do enjoy having had run...feeling a sense of accomplishment and I'm just really sweaty and red-faced and feel like I've gotten a pretty good cardio workout in a relatively short amount of time.

In an effort to encourage my sisters-in-law I sent them an email of tips & tricks and thought others (perhaps those recovering from labor & delivery) might find them useful or entertaining...these are not for the easily embarrassed!

1. Wear a panty may not have regained all control of your bladder (thanks Rachel for this tip ahead of time)
2. Wear a really supportive sports bra...skimping on this had me switching hands the entire time holding those things that go into a sports bra that are quite a bit heavier due to breast feeding...not a good look
3. Don't wear panties with lace...I completely got chaffed and it was totally unnecessary :(
4. Don't answer your phone on the treadmill. Though it will make the time pass quicker, it's bound to make your total time longer- I do love you though Jane!
5. Don't throw out your back doing things around the house on your off day...this will likely throw off your whole workout plan, at least for a week.
6. Don't wear shorts.  If you're going to wear shorts...vaseline the parts where your thighs touch...or better yet...don't wear shorts (at least that's how I felt when I saw my reflection!)
7. If you're on a treadmill watch tv....and if you have an iphone there are plenty of apps (netflix, abc, nbc- please let me know if you know more)...I totally need a show to keep me distracted and it's better if you've seen other episodes and are familiar with the characters. I've run outside once and listened to a show and found it just as does NOT cut it for me.

I've definitely been making progress...I started out running a mile and tried to beat my time each gym visit, then upped it by a quarter mile after I had completed it 5 times...I was also run/walking 3.1 miles every other visit...but that kind of got boring so I'm now running for 20 minutes and trying to get to 2 miles in 20 min. (I'm at 1.81) then I figured I'd bump it up a minute or two...or switch it up altogether...I have to keep it interesting or my brain will tell my body to stop- running is a total mind game for me.  I'm hoping to brave Green Lake one of these days when it's sunny and I'm feeling confident.

You may or may not see more running posts from me but I definitely thought I should document this season in my life in some way ;)


Rachel said...

Yes! You're inspiring me Jenny! Great tips. :) I love the idea of doing a mother's day 5k.

Jenny said...'re a real runner, I can't believe THIS inspired you ;)

I'd love to have you join us!

Anonymous said...

AMEN on the pantiliner! It's not easy to find time to workout with a new baby so great job Jenny!
- Angela Fontaine

Kristen Gough said...

Love this post and am super excited about running the Mother's Day 5k with you!! So proud of your hard work and commitment, Jenny!

Brianne said...

It's funny that you like TV/movies while running, I only want my music and a view outside :) Keep up the awesome work!

Nola said...

You crack me up! Keeping it real... I love it. I'm with you on the running. I have always struggled, but it feels so good to reach those milestones. Good for you to be doing it so soon too! I'd love to join you once my body is ready, hopefully sometime in early summer.

Willow said...

Lol you are too cute! You go girl...I am impressed you are making space for working out already. Oh and I think this post is in line with your New Years resolution to tap back into our funny side...I like it!

Willow said...

Your funny side...


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