Sunday, February 10, 2013

mama's girl

I can't get over this sweet girl (luckily I don't have to) despite waking up with her every two hours or less for the past couple of weeks!

Need to document on this ol' blog...she got her first tooth at 3.5 months!


Kristen Gough said...

beautiful brown-eyed girls! love this mother-daughter portrait. and i can't believe that Elliot already has teeth! (But then again, she is Joe's granddaughter, right?) :) love watching her grow and am so blessed to journey alongside you as mamas to our little ones, jenny! xo

Rebekah said...

I thought the same thing - stunning beautiful brown eyed girls and duh she is Joe's granddaughter :)! Nice work Elle you're already and overachiever :)

JKLR said...

Oh my goodness! You two are so gorgeous & this picture is the beginning of many mama's girl photo's- so sweet!


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