Thursday, February 28, 2013

The 52 Project

So I kind of missed doing this project seeing how it's the last week in February, but I really do love the concept.

I have been the worst about taking out my "real" camera and capturing these first few months with our sweet Elliot...and I do NOT want her to have a complex like her father (the youngest of 4) that she barely had any photos taken of her...not that this is likely to happen...but more likely that she will only have iphone photos and let's face it, though they are pretty good and convenient there's nothing like a DSLR (mine's just kind of on the fritz though so I should probably take care of that).

Anyway, I am hoping to occassionally pop in here with a photo of Wes + Elle...these two where taken at different times. Wes' was taken while Jeff helped me capture a photo for his Valentine card and Elliot's was taken on Christmas "morning" (our Christmas morning which is actually Christmas Eve morning.)

Love these two precious gifts.


Rachel said...

They are cuties! I wish the DSLRs had Wifi so you could automatically upload photos.

JKLR said...

I just got internet at my house & thought I would start my web usage with your blog! :)

Kristen Gough said...

looking forward to seeing the portraits you will capture! it is so fun to get the "big" camera out and capture our kids. committing to do this with you!


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