Monday, March 11, 2013

1st Day of Preschool :: Wesley

 Wes' first day of preschool (September 8th) was a sunny glorious day for our big boy to begin his schooling adventure.  He was super excited...and was seriously hamming it up! I had a hard time choosing from all of his hilarious photos...every time the shutter clicked he was hitting a new pose!
 I was still very pregnant which explains the delinquency in my posting this but I certainly wanted to document how very proud of Wesley we are and what a blessing Little Feats (his school) has been to him and me.  I have relished that time in the morning twice a week to enjoy a bit of quiet (Elliot typically naps for a bit) and get things done around the house, and since Jeff most often takes him to school I have even more time and Jeff gets to spend a little one on one time with Wes.
 I have loved hearing Wes come home singing songs I didn't teach him, knowing his little head is being filled with knowledge and fun.  He has made friends all on his own (not just friends with my friends kids) which has also been a new experience and thankfully his "best" school friend, Jack, has a really great thanks Wes for making me a new friend too. 

At first he only told me what they had for snack and I wasn't so sure I liked him spending 6 hours a week somewhere with me in the dark about exactly what was going on there.  But we've both enjoyed that freedom and he has slowly opened up about his classmates (a girl kissed him- are you kidding me?) and his teachers.  He even got to take Elliot in for show and tell the week it was the letter E- he was the sweetest big brother.

Thank you Little Feats for helping our BIG boy transition to a whole new phase in our life- school!

(random comment- can you believe how blonde Wes was? it makes me excited for summer and for it to get bleached out again...)


Chrissie said...

He is adorable - his blonde hair and tanned skin - all he needs is a surf board in his hands!!! Glad he is loving school and you are able to have some much needed time for yourself!

Rebekah said...

he really couldn't be any cuter :) glad that you captured such a huge milestone for your big boy - and I agree lets get some sunshine up in here we could all use a little bleach blonde :) you surfer Wes!

Kristen Gough said...

loved reading this post capturing the first day of school for wes!! he just cracks me up! i love that you included all these poses and hilarious faces of your preschooler. so proud of you, wesley, and all the ways you are growing!


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