Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Our little missy moo (what I find myself calling her these days) celebrated her 1/2 birthday on April 25th...6 months went by in the blink of an eye (and that's still about as much sleep as we're getting around here.)

Our life is much richer with this little sweet pea in it.

Here are some things that she's been up to these last 3 months:

- Drooling and biting like crazy (ouchies for mommy and Wesley too)
- She is quick to laugh, it's one of our favorite things about her and she's happy when she's getting attention...from anyone!
- Her moods do seem to swing from extremely happy to very upset...not a super content baby, she has a flare for drama.
 - She took her first plane ride this month- Washington DC and New York City, quite the jet setter since we are off to Hawaii next month too!
- She started eating food at 5.5 months and wants to feed herself...she can't watch us eat without throwing a fit until she gets a little bite of what we're eating which means she's tried a lot of interesting food already.
- On May 4th (our first day of vacation) she said, "Dada" and then paused for a couple of weeks and now she's been talking up a little storm.
- She is doing circles on her tummy.
- At her 6 month doctors appointment she was 27" 15lb 3oz with a head in the 98th %- she is 1.5" taller and 7.5oz skinnier than her brother when he was this age.
- She is a serious bouncer.

I'll add more if I think of it later.

Here are her 1-2-3


Casey said...

Love seeing these shots of your adorable girl! :) She's got the best "happy face."

Kelsie said...

Which island are you going to? We are headed to Hawaii next month too!


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