Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pre-K :: 1st Day

I'm typically a couple months late posting Wes' first day of here it finally is!

He is at his second and final year at Little Feats and it feels good to be back where things are familiar and Wes never has a day at school without a cousin in the building.  Miles' is even in his class 1 of his 3 days.

I've enjoyed the quieter mornings while Wes is at school and Elliot typically naps...but boy do those 3 hours go quickly! I'm actually doing a Bible study at my church Thursday mornings so I don't get 3 full mornings by myself...but that Bible study is exactly what I need every week, to recharge and refocus!

Wes is just so ready for more interaction..more education (he is super interested in learning to read lately) that our afternoons can feel LONG...I'm still getting used to what our "routine" will be now that Fall is in full swing.  I have hopes for a small basement room remodel this season so that there's an extra play area for the kids during the days when we can't go outside.  I'm also thankful that Wes has now figured out how to ride his bike (fun for him!) when we get a chance to be outside in between baby sister's naps (I forgot how much those things can tie you to the house.)

Anyhow, I'm definitely not good at this whole blog thing these days but that doesn't mean I've given up! Here are those first day photos I just love so much...I've been so shocked to see the difference between last year and this year.  How is he growing so quickly?

I am adoring the Fall weather and colors. We just got back from a sunny vacation in LA, Disneyland (probably should post about this) and San Diego and after a final hoorah in the sun I'm feeling so nostalgic and in love with the Pacific Northwest.  I'm also remembering this time last year...just a week away from meeting sweet Elliot...I'm trying to savor all of it.  She is one next Friday!

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JKLR said...

Wesley is such a ham, I love his expressions! Can't believe how much they grow up in a year, it's surprising! ��


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