Friday, October 19, 2007

She found out!

Ok, I guess I told her...Many of you may remember my Aunt Pam from my wedding, she's the one that had the cork reindeer appropriately name "Corky" in nearly every photo she took! Kyle broke him on the dance floor ;)

Anyway, I had been secretly turning her family emails into blog posts behind her back. The idea of this really cracked me up and has opened the door to so many possibilities... Look out Katie D, you might be next!!!

I did show some restraint, I almost made posts titled "I caught my crabs in Tahuya" or "My favorite Niece- Jenny"!

Love you Auntie!


simonsenfamily said...

You crack me up Jenny.

Rebekah said...

you are seriously hilarious!

Kristen said...

kyle still feels bad about busting corky at your wedding. good thing corky is easily repaired!

i hope your aunt pam feels inspired to keep going with the blog--it's great!

Joanna said...

I'm so glad she finally found out! How did you spill the beans, how did she react, and will she continue on her own? And, perhaps most importantly, who wished you a happy birthday? You or her? ;)

Jenny said...

Joey- good questions.

1) I spilled the beans in my LONG overdue thank you note..I told her I had a gift for her ;)

2) She was happy, she asked for directions, but I haven't seen any blog posts on her we'll see if she continues. No emails though, which is a good sign!

3) SHE wished me a happy birthday via email (I was the only one on the email, but still ALL emails were on the table!)


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