Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bavarian Winter Wonderland

Last weekend Jeff and I ran for the hills and found ourselves in a winter wonderland...Leavenworth- a Bavarian themed village! Scott and Brianne were our gracious hosts and we enjoyed an abundance of eating, shopping, napping, hanging out, and admiring the gorgeous surroundings. Being in Leavenworth made me wish cross country skiing hadn't scarred me in my youth.

When I was young my family went on a lot of adventurous trips...many of which left me- the youngest- struggling to keep up. Whether it was cross country skiing or bicycling, my little legs had to go twice the speed to cover the same distance- yet I never got any sympathy. I did notice, however, that over time our family vacations turned more tropical and I quickly discovered that laying by the pool and soaking up the sun was much more my 'speed.'

But back to Leavenworth...

Jeff and I woke on our first morning to a deflated air mattress (thanks a lot Costco). So, at 7 o'clock Jeff jumped out of bed and pulled back the curtains...the hills were aglow with the morning sun! Glasses? Camera? I almost missed it! Jeff still claims my delay made me miss an even more spectacular sunrise.

Nothing like free breakfast to start the day off right...I think Jeff may have gone a little overboard with the butter.

Yep, still in Leavenworth.

Thank you Scott and Bri for inviting us to join you!

These are the back rests of a pair of benches along the river. The snow was so thick and compacted, we were able to see the world as if on 3 foot stilts. Luckily I've been practicing this around the house the last few months so I felt right at home. ;)

Doesn't this cottage look cozy?

Blackbird Lodge, a great resort...the rooms were incredible, the staff friendly. We hope to return here every winter!

I hope to post a photo of our "old time" photo shoot once I get our scanner up and working..stay tuned.


La Dolce Vita said...

What a wonderful place, Jenny! And it looks a lot like here!!! (^_^)

Ely and I spent the weekend in Munich (Bavaria!! hehehe) visiting some friends, but no snow there!! Only cold!!! Anyway we are posting something about our last weekend soon. Ely is writing something...


Ryan & Katie said...

My parents were cross country skiing in Leavenworth that same weekend! Looks like you guys had a great time. Good thing you had been practicing with those stilts!

Brianne said...

Jenny- What a great post, Leavenworth with you two was a blast- thanks for joining us!

Kristen said...

yes! a blog post about the leavenworth trip! it sounds like you all had such a great time, enjoying each other and the snow. :) i love the holding hands shot. weekend retreats are so so nice. glad you got to go and spend some time relaxing.


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