Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jane It's Your Birthday...

Jeff and I had fun thinking about you today! We hope you had a wonderful birthday and are looking forward to celebrating with you in person sometime soon, cross our fingers.

We love you!

Please enjoy this small gift.

Jane, it's your birthday, so what do ya say?
A 27 to a 28, we think you're better this way.

A lot has happened in your life of late, you deserve a rest.
And if you want you can run to the store and legally buy cigarettes.

Yes, that's true you could when you were 18, no none of that has changed.
In fact, since you turned 21 your rights have pretty much remained the same.

Except for possibly renting a car but, no, not necessarily so.
Those type of rules change state to state, so it's kinda hard to know.

We encourage you to do independent research, on your own state laws.
Learning about your legal rights is more rewarding than you thought.

Jane, it's your birthday, you're 28 today!
Jane, it's your birthday, so what are you gonna say?
Jane, it's your birthday, everybody let's celebrate!

music & lyrics by jeff & jenny gough ;)


Kristen said...

Happy Birthday, Jane! from Kyle, Kristen & Evan. We hope it's a great one!

An amazing tribute, Jeff & Jenny! Very nice! :)

patrice said...


We love you! Happy 28 years young! Hope to see you soon.

Joe & Pat

Brianne said...


Happy birthday Jane!

Rebekah said...

Happy Birthday Jane hope this is your best year yet!

J&J you guys are clearly a perfect team!

Shauna said...

seriously awesome.

Happy *late* birthday Jane!


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