Monday, March 03, 2008

Remembering Our Wedding Day

It was a day much like today, overcast, light year ago, exactly!

It had snowed the week of our wedding and I remember worrying about what the weather would be like on the actual day- it was very important to me to have outdoor photos so as I left the house for my hair appointment (in the rain) I could feel the stress building. But I could also feel the excitement!

The morning flew by and the rain subsided as I pulled into the barnyard.

All 9 bridesmaids greeted me in the dressing room- Callie, Jocelyn, Rebekah, Kristen, Cristie, Heather, Amy, Alisha, and Kim. I hurried to put on my own make-up AND my Mom's. ;) Slipped on my dress and shoes and the next thing I knew it was time for photos.

Time to greet my future husband...on the grounds of French Creek Manor where we had dined just two days before at our lovely rehearsal dinner. I loved that country home, in fact, I loved the entire look and feel of Lord Hill Farms..old world-ly, timeless. It felt so romantic- perfect for a wedding.

With rain-free photos checked off the list and guests beginning to arrive it was time to hide back in the dressing room and wait for the word "go" But of course, it's never that easy....with our candle lighter, Dina, finishing the last sticks the fire alarm erupted and brought things to a screeching halt. I'll always remember standing in line to go up the stairs when my sister-in-law, Kristen, said "we better hide, in case they need to evacuate". Can you imagine? Fortunately it was a small hiccup, and we were able to continue without much distraction.

My Father and I walked down the aisle, greeted by loving and joy filled faces. The song filling the old barn was Ave Maria- the same song that was played at my Grandmother's funeral. I was holding up well until I saw Katie crying...and then I thought "oh no, she can't cry...I'll start crying"- and so I did. I looked to Callie for relief, but she was crying, I allowed the tears of joy to continue as I held my Father's hand. I heard my Aunt Pam say "just breath" and I tried, believe me, I tried. Eventually I was able to power through and as my Father handed me over to Jeff I knew I was stepping into a new life, in a few moments I would turn and face my family and friends as...Mrs. Gough.

Richard, our amazing Pastor, did a wonderful job. He reminded Jeff and I of how blessed we are to live in this community, to have the support of family and friends, to have our health, to have careers. We are truly unworthy of it all.

And then the moment came..."you may now kiss the bride"- sweet victory!

It has been an amazing year for us filled with many ups and downs...but mostly wonderfully life giving things. New careers, new nephews, a new home. I can't imagine spending my life with anyone else. I hit the jackpot when I married Jeff and I never would have dreamed it when I met him as a scrawny little kid in hand-me-down plain flannel shirts back in high school.

This year marks the half way point in our relationship. I have known Jeff nearly half of my life. From this year forward I will have known him longer than I will have NOT known him. I think that's pretty great!

Here's to a spectacular 1st year of marriage and a lifetime more. I love you Jeff.


Kristen said...

Happy Anniversary, you two! We love you so much, and your wedding day a year ago was a very special day indeed; one I will never forget. I loved every moment leading up to THE moment when you became Jeff's wife, and MY sister-in-law! You both were radiantly beautiful and happy.

It is such a gift to our little family that you two are married to each other. We love that we will be sharing life with you both through all the years ahead, and we look forward to the blessings of witnessing your marriage and the growth of your little family in the days to come!

Casey said...

I can't believe it has been a whole year already!

Happy Anniversary you two, we are so happy and blessed to know you. Here's to many, many more years to come.

Rebekah said...

Happy Anniversary Jeff and Jenny!

Your wedding day was one glorious celebration of two lives so perfect for each other. I loved that day and reading your memories from it Jenny. I remember your beautiful smile through all the tears beaming at your groom. I remember how breathtakingly beautiful you were in your dress and how you danced the night away!

I am honored to be your sister, and friend and am so looking forward to the many years you and Jeff have ahead creating your own sweet family. Blessings on this wonderful day, I love you both so much! xo

Jenny said...

Thank you was a great day. BUT we forgot a cake! I don't think we even saved any. Oh well!

La Dolce Vita said...


What an amazing description of your memories! Loved it!

Don't worry for the crying. Ely is sure she will cry all day, when we will get married! (^_^)

We are waiting for news about your trip plans here in Europe. (^_^)

Jane said...

Silly me, I still think you and Jeff got married on March 10th. But from your tender description of your wedding, March 3rd was the perfect day. I would have loved to have been there.

I love and miss you. Happiness to you both!

The Courter Family! said...

yeah! congratulations Jenny :) I hope it's been a blast so far. Marriage is challenging but fun. Happy Anniversary guys! way to go and here's to many many more years of fun and memories to come!! 'CHEERS' (loud shout of people clanking glasses with exuberant joy)

Jenny said...

in fact Jane, march 10th rained like crazy! so the 3rd was just how God wanted it.

Lewy said...

Happy Anniversary! A couple days late, but I wanted you to know that Chad and I were thinking of you! Your wedding is such a beautiful memory for me, and even moreso now that I've had a whole year to get to know you two more and more. I really look forward to making more memories with you two in the year to come! :)

Jesse said...

Jenny - thanks for the heads up on the international hobo bags. You're right, i do have an eye for them but sadly if i buy them, i wont have any money to put in them! oy. such is life :)

btw - beautiful picture of you both on your wedding day!


Ryan & Katie said...

Happy A-Day! Hope it was great! Your wedding was so much fun .. . thank you for sharing that day with Ryan and I (and for letting us sing happy birthday to Ryan and Jon). 3-3 what a great day for a wedding!


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