Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Waking Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed

I'm crabby..or at least I was...There's something about man-made heat pumping through the cracks of a vent and a hot cup of cocoa that can really perk a girl up. Yeah, I'm still a little bit mad at the world, but I'm getting over it.

Perhaps prenatal yoga this afternoon will get me all the way over the hump.

For now, I will quilt and sip, quilt and sip, thinking happy thoughts.

Crap, I just took my last swallow...I knew I should have gotten a grande!!!


Rebekah said...

why are you mad? is that a cup of cocoa from Zoka right across the street from your new studio? :) think happy thoughts today, think about how your gonna spend your etsy birthday IS this Friday! Love you

Jenny said...

I think I just woke up in a bad mood- no good explanation.

I know your birthday is coming up, but I already have that taken care of ;)

amyrenee said...

This "studio" you speak of.... what/where/how?

Prince said...

it looks like there's oatmeal in your cocoa, no wonder you were in a bad mood. (Look Jenny! I'm trying to be a good participant in the blogger world bad I'm just on a break at work and can't add any pictures to my own blog...I'll work on it. Your fun blogs are always inspiring to me.)

Pat said...

I too thought is was a bowl of oatmeal - great minds think alike, right Jane?

Jenny said...

well, you're both wrong! It was a bowl of cream of wheat....yeah, I just used and old photo that I thought looked warm. I didn't have my camera with me- so sue me!

kaseburg said...

oh sweet girl...I have NEVER seen you mad, and if you were, you hide it well! You are one the most loving people I know; even in a bad mood ;-0)

Love and Hugs your way.


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