Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Nursery Tour

I'm feeling a bit nostalgic, I think the fact that we're still not pregnant has really got me freaking out a bit.  Not to mention that in a few short weeks Wes will be 2 and a half- certainly he's getting too old to have his bedroom referred to as a nursery so my delinquency in documenting what became his "nursery" has allowed me a moment to savor his "baby-ness" and I hope you're ok with indulging me as I walk you through some of the details.
The view from the doorway...we went bold with the rug, a vibrant orange which I love! Wes was also lucky enough to receive many handmade treasures (and I was delighted to have a little one to finally spoil with my own creations).  The quilt hanging on the chair was made by me, I've made one for each of my nephews and nieces and it's a tradition I look forward too with each new pregnancy (which has happened every year in our family since 2006- sometimes twice!)  The bunting hanging above the windows was created for my friend Katie's baby shower...our boys are just 4 days apart and as the color scheme didn't quite fit her nursery she kindly returned it to me and I think it suits Wes' colorful room...and it makes me think of her sweet Isaiah which is an added bonus.  The very same Katie created a simple quilt for Wes and it's the yellow one hanging next to the window.  The yellow curtains and teething rail (created out of necessity) were made from incredible fabric I scored off of etsy, it has a Japanese import vibe.
The view from the chair...I spent so much time here nursing and rocking my sweet we read books and sing songs before bedtime.  Sitting on the dresser is a fabulous vintage Sesame Street lamp that I begged my brother (he had it growing up) to let us use until he has a little one of his own...he finally caved in December and then announced that he's expecting in January.  We will have to give it up soon...but we couldn't be more excited about the's a boy and due in September (guess I'll have another quilt to make this year)!  Above the dresser are three framed prints from THIS artist and I fell so in love with these little hilarious critters that it turned into the inspiration for Wes' 1st birthday invitation, seen below.
Wes' view from the crib (sort of).  The Gough family is a big fan of the magazine rack- in fact, we have two (one downstairs too). Both were generous gifts that are so useful and fun...the perfect addition to any nursery or playroom.
And last a little close up of the bunting and curtains I made as well as one of the original Jonas comics from Wes' Uncle Bryan.

A special room for a special guy...I know soon we'll be changing him to a big boy bed and making things a bit more grown up but for now I still love our nursery and I'm not quite ready to have Wes grow up just yet...


Rebekah said...

Wesley's nursery has always been a favorite of mine you did such a great job Jenny making the space feel bright and fun and perfect for your little critter :)! Hope you have a fun weekend with your sweet family!!

Kristen said...

great photos of wesley's nursery. so many special touches and fun items throughout; I've always loved his room too, Jenny! (especially those curtains and that rug!) this is such a special, reflective post--it will be fun to see how you will update wesley's space in the months and years to come!

Brianne said...

Jenny- I am glad you took some shots of Wes' room! I always like way you have made your home feel so bright and have quite the knack!

Rachel said...

I love Wesley's room too! You are the best mom. :)

Casey said...

I've always loved those curtains. I totally missed out on decorating a nursery for Cora since we were renting at the time and weren't allowed to paint, etc. But I'm finally having fun doing her room now....with your lovely quilt as inspiration of course! :)


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