Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Milestones :: 2 :: Big Boy Bed

As of May 29, 2011 Wes is sleeping in a big boy bed...yikes, I think I just mentioned in THIS post that I wasn't ready...and I wasn't. But I guess Daddy was because I got an email from him while I was in Texas that he was "trying something new" and it worked (Wes has only fallen out 3 times!) Thanks to Scott, Bri, Will and now baby Eloise (!) for sharing this IKEA find and thanks Rebekah and family for the big boy sheets gifted last Christmas.

I will have to share a photo of his new bedroom arrangement when I get some photos..not too many changes, but I can't help but miss that night night crib.

Wes has been a champ at this bed thing, btw.  I thought for sure it would mess with his sleep schedule or that we would have to deal with him getting in and out of bed...but he seriously doesn't even get out of it in the morning...we just hear him yell, "mommy, daddy...come get me." How sweet is that, and by sweet I mean awesome.

We are so proud and even more proud of milestone #3, stay tuned!


Kristen said...

loving these milestone posts, jenny!

wes is such a little sleep champ!--i love it. moving to a big bed does feel so significant, doesn't it? xoxo

Casey said...

Yay Wes!

I was worried about that with Cora too....but she's been in hers for well over a year, and she still calls me in the morning and never gets out of it until I get there. Kind of fabulous! :)

Brianne said...

It was hard for me to have Will switch over to his big boy bed too, I think us momma's have a harder time with that stuff than Dads.

Shauna said...

What a cute pic of him in his bed! And a great price on that frame too!

Looking forward to your next post after reading that teaser!

Rachel said...

I love these milestones! I love Wes' sheets too. So cute.

Rebekah said...

he is so awesome - I can not believe he just stays in there. We put our boys in big beds when they started getting out of the crib :)...and yes now starts the falling out stage still happens over here quite often and I always feel so bad. Looking forward to update number three you've got us all excited!

alisha said...

Sweet and awesome indeed! I'd quite like to consider transitioning back into a crib at some point, seeing as I really like enclosed spaced, but I'm not sure what Dan would think. Will keep you posted. :)

Claire Carey said...

Oh, so sweet! Can't wait to hear about Milestone 3, Jenny!

And, Alisha, that is awesome...maybe they make Queen-sized cribs? Hmmm...a niche market. Maybe it is something you could develop?! :)


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