Monday, June 13, 2011

Milestones :: 1 :: Eggs!

While Mommy's away the chicken will lay!
We were beginning to think that Biscuit was another rooster because of her feisty attitude but it turns out that she was just getting ready to become a full blown laying hen.

When I returned home from Texas Jeff randomly decided to open the egg door and was surprised to see that not one, but two eggs had been laid. Soon we realized it was the work of one bird...Biscuit! And she's been laying nearly one egg a day ever since.
We are now proud egg if only the other 3 would get to work!

(BTW, this photo of me is after sleeping overnight and on a plane ride on my rag tie curls...see? not bad.)


Casey said...

Yay for eggies! :) And I do love your curls....

Brianne said...

Love the curls, it's amazing how great they look after relaxing for a day or so :)
Congrats on the eggs too!


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