Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wesley :: Wednesday

(I thought about this post last night, if that counts)
What have we been up to?  Well, we spent the weekend in Cannon Beach celebrating the union of my good friend Keri and her husband.  The weather was perfect, the sand was warm and soft, and the town of Cannon Beach was even more quaint than I remembered- we had fun as a family (minus my car needing a new transmission.)  The first morning we woke up we had a little sweet alarm clock, at 6:15am (which for us is still the middle of the night since Wes typically sleeps until 8:45).  He was sharing our room and I felt a little tap on the edge of the bed.  When I looked up there was his precious little smiling face saying, "yes. it's good morning time!"

We are trying to enjoy what little glimpses of sun we see around here, harvesting veggies and gathering eggs (we are down to just 3 chickens and there are all laying eggs) to savor ourselves or share with friends.  See the garden tour HERE.

Wes is doing so many things daily I'm almost certain I will forget his little anecdotes and want to write as many down as I can...

He is finally getting his 2 year molars at 2 years and 8 months- not bad!  And I'm beginning to wonder if that's what has spawned his recent reversion to "baby talk."  Anyone have any good tips on how to make this stop?

He is also obsessed with the crocodile song from Peter Pan and can be found humming the tune over and over throughout the day...everyday.  If you see him he'll probably ask you to be Captain Hook so he can be the crocodile and if you indulge him, watch out! He WILL eat your hand.  You can see the crocodile video HERE, it's been banned from our house because Wes can't handle it when it's time to turn it off.

We've started one on one swim lessons once a week and after 2 I can already see some the very least he is asking less questions (the first class got taken up by Wes asking, "why are you wearing a shirt? can I touch that? what's that girl eating? Is it a fruit bar?")  Last night we tried out his skills at the Mounger Pool and he even braved the big slide all by himself with Mommy worried about catching him at the bottom...he shot down like a torpedo on his back and then let us know that he only wanted to go with Daddy from then on!

He talks ALL the time and we have definitely entered the "why?" stage but have also turned it around on him.  After making a huge mess at a restaurant a couple of weeks back we asked him why he did it.  He replied, ", I was...boring." Is this kid for real? I think it was an honest answer, he was bored.  Jeff and I are both pretty blown away by his grasp of vocabulary...this is an especially exciting time for us in his development...getting to hear the thoughts that are in his head.

He's also been learning a bit about the human body and the other day when a friend's potty trained daughter was using the bathroom Wes asked me, "is that her little one? is that her butt crack little one?"  All I could say was, "yep. that's it!"

I also want to record that he calls the sidewalk the "walking side" - I just love that!

Now I'm off to work on a little quilt for a baby due in September while Wes naps.  Hope you have a great day (despite the weather if you're in Seattle).  Oh and a happy birthday to my friend Alisha and happy Bastille Day to all you frenchies!

{oh, and for those who are wondering about Wesley's long locks...Jeff is in charge of his 2nd haircut (that's right, he's only had 1) and has said that it would be a shame to cut it this summer when it will likely get really our only hope is September, but we'll see!}


Rachel said...

Oh Wes, you're the best, and getting so big! I love the "walking side" and all the vocab. :)

katie on the front porch said...

Love that kid-- it's been a blast to seem him grow and develop!

kristen gough said...

great wesley (and family) update, jenny! we love you all and totally delight in your boy and all the ways he's growing!

Shauna said...

I've been meaning to do the same kind of update, thanks for the reminder!

Wesley is so stinking cute. Love it. We also found some youtube videos of him the other night and were totally cracking up as he ate flowers. :)


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