Friday, September 28, 2012

34 Weeks + 4 Days :: D-day

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Today is the day! The day I had Wes in my pregnancy with him...and I'm nearly 100% positive that we won't be repeating that today.  It feels weird stepping into uncharted territory...I find myself thinking, "will I ever go into labor? how did this happen before?" what will appts be like from here on out?" A lot of unknowns...and certainly a lot of patience and prayers needed too.

These past 14 weeks since my last post have been quite a bit more uncomfortable...with a "real" summer in Seattle and a couple more trips under our belt I've definitely been feeling very pregnant and experiencing something I'd always hoped to avoid...swelling! Feet, ankles, knees, hands...I'm blaming the fact that I already weigh more than I did with Wes on retaining water ;)

Baby is head down and moving like a maniac...which makes me think that she's got plenty of room in there and will be hanging around for awhile.  But with the nursery not complete, hospital bag not packed, Wes with a new preschool schedule...I think I could handle a few more I prepared for 6? Not really. The Lord has His perfect timing so I'm trusting in that and also releasing over to Him the "who" will deliver me (there have been lots of changes at my OB office) and whether or not I'll be able to have a VBAC. 

I'm looking forward to one last peek at her in a week and a half during an ultrasound to determine her weight.  It's the little things that keep you going!  

Keeping my fingers crossed that the next baby update will be a birth announcement (I've still got those travel back (b)logs to get caught up on!)

Oh and here's a post which has a photo from this day last pregnancy.


Chrissie said...

I can't wait to hear of her safe arrival...and even though we went 9 days over with Levi, I remember what those final days felt like. Praying for peace, energy and reduced swelling in these final days! Excited to see pictures of your little lady!

JKLR said...

Wes was SO tiny! I am so excited for Elliot's arrival and all that a little girl will bring to your life. Until then... I hope we continue to squeeze in lots of time together & celebrate you as a beautiful pregnant mama!


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