Monday, August 26, 2013


{7 months}
{8 months}
{9 months}

3 more months of growing and changing for our baby girl! I love her so so much!

These months have been full! A trip to Hawaii for Uncle Chris & Aunt Lenzi's wedding...where she popped 2 more teeth and then quickly added 4 more top ones when we returned...yep 8 teeth by 8 months.

At 8.5 months she started crawling (of course, just like her brother she took her first crawls for my mom!) and went right from crawling to cruising and now stands comfortably on her own. Wow!

I want to remember sweet little things...

Like how she...

*blows raspberries when she's done drinking her milk or doesn't want a particular food.

*waves hi, puts her arms up for "so big," shakes her head from side to side...all sorts of tricks :)

*gets hair and fuzz and grime on her hands and feet (partially because I need to do a better job of vaccuuming and partially because she just has sweaty little hands and feet...but they aren't dripping wet like they used to be a few months ago)

*lights up when anyone laughs, thinking it's about something she did...and often it is!

*knows how to put her binkie in her mouth (it's on a binkie clip) and will even flip it around if she puts it in upside down. She may end up being a binkie girl like her Daddy (though he is a boy of course.)

*kicks and flaps her arms when she's excited.

Generally, it has been so fun to interact with her and have her interact back.  I keep finding myself saying to Jeff that I'm falling more and more in love with our little munchkin.

I'm also freaking out because I'm already thinking about her first, party ideas.  What? Two more months...ack!


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