Saturday, May 10, 2014


 {13 months}
 {15 months}
{18 months}

This little girl started walking at 11 months and has been running ever, I don't remember Wes being so capable or daring or strong willed at this age.

She is ALL personality!

And she non-stop...and sings! This little sweetie started singing "let it go" from Frozen, even before she saw the show (it's just that catchy).  Her other favorites are "up" (itsy bitsy spider), "now I know" (ABCs), "up above" (twinkle twinkle little star).

I was trying to think about all her words and I think there's too many to count.  She says most names, including her own, the only hiccup is that she calls all her cousins Levi (soft spot).  She knows animal sounds and especially loves cats & dogs.  

 She's efficient having single words with many uses "bobble" means bottle, bubble, and Barlow. "Beebee" means baby, binkie and blankie.  And I hope I never forget that when you tell her to say thank you she now says "welcome" :)

She has finally given up the beloved bottle and is now a sippy cup girl (which she still calls "bopple").  She constantly wants "foo foo" (food) and a few months ago when she asked to go in her "high chair" and I told her no she replied with "oh man"- I mean seriously, why is she already a toddler?

She has never liked the car and continues to be a...headache.  I'm hoping that changes soon!  The only time I know she's not going to give us grief is when I have an endless supply of treats or she's making her humming noise that means she's about to fall asleep.

She's turned into a really great sleeper, going to bed easily with no real bedtime routine and sleeping reliably 12+ hours.  Last night she couldn't fall asleep on her own and when I went in to hold her all she wanted to do was over and over and I just snuggled her close and kissed her and we stared in each others eyes and giggled.

Oh man I love this little Daddy's girl...she squeals when she sees him!

I know I've missed months of photos in this chair and tons of things about the everyday gems that are Elliot but I hope I've been able to capture a snapshot of this truly awesome and sometimes trying stage.


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